ESG, It’s Everyone’s Job Slide Deck

ESG, It’s Everyone’s Job Slide Deck
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In this webinar we will discuss the rise of ESG and how companies are meeting the challenge of allocating resources in an uncertain environment.

ESG is not new, however it has been gaining more attention than ever before. Companies are being challenged by a shifting and uncertain regulatory landscape as well as the scrutiny of its shareholders and the public. In this webinar, you will learn how companies are rising to the challenge and where the day to day responsibility for ESG lies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the changing ESG environment and how companies are responding
  • Examine where in a company the responsibility lies for ESG and how the CCO, General Counsel, and the Chief Sustainability Officer can work together
  • Examine the impact of the Great Resignation and the Great Re-shuffle on ESG
  • Discover how to extend and monitor your ESG program in your supply chain/third party vendors


  • Colin Campbell, Senior Director - Product Marketing, Aravo Solutions
  • Lisa-Beth Lentini Walker, CEO and Founder, Lumen Worldwide Endeavors
  • Jim Massey, Chief Sustainability Officer, Zai Lab
  • Ken Wolckenhauer, VP Vendor Management, Nordea Bank