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December 2018

Navigating a Change in GRC Technology - ENCORE EVENT

December 20

Implementing new GRC technology comes with many challenges and expected resistance. Maintaining strong project governance, establishing detailed plans and ensuring ongoing communication is key. In this webinar, we outline the critical steps in planning, navigating and steering the change process. This is a recording of a previous event. There may be references to future events, special offers and free downloads that are not available at this time.
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January 2019

How do You Ensure Your Controls are Effective?

January 10

This webinar takes a deep dive into the critical task of Controls Verification – the assurance that controls are operating as designed with an acceptable level of maturity. It is a key “play in the game” and an important building block for success.
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How Much is Too Much? Addressing the Challenge of Third Party Risk Data: An OCEG Playbook Conversation

January 31

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the task of understanding data needs and sources for better third party risk management.
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February 2019

Preliminary Findings from the 2019 OCEG GRC Technology Strategy Survey

February 21

In this webinar, analyst French Caldwell joins us to discuss the results of OCEG's most recent survey on strategy for use of GRC technologies.
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