Big Data and GRC

Big Data and GRC
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Big data is transforming the world of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). In the Tech Talk video interview “Big Data and GRC,” Bruce McCauig, Director of Solution Marketing for SAP, shares thoughtful stories from his experience in the 17 interview videos below.


01. Who is Bruce McCuaig?

Introduction of Bruce McCuaig: Director of Solution Marketing for GRC, SAP


02. Automation and Integration of GRC Solutions

Importance of both automating and integrating GRC software solutions.


03. What is 'Big Data?'

What is classified as big data and its significance.


04. The 'Data Lake' and Audits

What the data lake is and its role in streamlining the audit process.


05. What is SAP HANA?

What HANA is and what its role in acquisition, processing, and access to big data.


06. How is HANA used?

What HANA facilitates and the benefits of utilizing HANA solutions in assisting customers.


07. Technology Solutions, Big Data, and Fraud

Using technology solutions that utilize big data to detect fraud.


08. HANA-Enabled-Monitoring

Utilization of HANA in monitoring transactions and controls.


09. Modern Applications in Access Control

What can be done today using these technologies in regards to access control and detection of potential threats.


10. Applications in Government Entities

Role of these technologies for fraud management solutions in the public sector.


11. Big Data and the Board

Relevance of big data to board members in resolving issues.


12. Integrating Systems

Importance of integrating management systems with core business systems and the role of big data in doing so.


13. Technology in Assisting the Auditing Process

Technology in overcoming challenge of auditors' ability to gain necessary information.


14. The Three Lines of Defense

The three lines of defense and their associated roles.


15. Access and Risk Management

Managing risk through access control.


16. Applications in Social Sources

Using modern technology in monitoring social streams for relevant information regarding potential issues and interests.


17. Uses of Technology Solutions

Applications of technology solutions, such as monitoring employee efficiency or making product recommendations in online retail.