Policy Management and Technology

Policy Management and Technology
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In this OCEG Tech Talk interview, “Policy Management and Technology,” Stephanie Jenkins explores the challenges, solutions, and steps, to get started with a Policy Management System.


Introduction of Stephanie Jenkins, VP Advisory Service, NAVEX Global

Introduction of Stephanie Jenkins and her experience in the field.


V01. Policy Management Systems

The goal of policy management systems and why they are important.


V02. Policies in the "Ecosystem" of an Organization

Where policies fit in the "ecosystem" of an organization among other aspects such as risk assessment and compliance programs.


V03. Adapting to the "Millennials"

What's new with policy management: capturing and maintaining the attention of the newer generations.


V04. Evolution of Policies and Procedures

How the deliverance and accessibility of policies and procedures have evolved with policy management systems.


V05. Measurement in Policy Management Systems

How to measure the effectiveness of policy management systems, answering the question: "Is it working?"


V06. Marketing Techniques in Policy Management

How to use marketing techniques to predict what policies need to be expanded upon.


V07. Current State of the Market

Where organizations in different industries currently stand in regards to progress developing efficient policy management systems.


V08. Centralized vs. Decentralized Policy Management Systems

Advantages of centralized policy management systems over decentralized systems.


V09. Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best and worst case scenarios for the state of an organization's policy management system.


V10. Policy Violations

Violations of policies or procedures and the consequences of those violations.


V11. Automated Policy Management Systems

The benefits of automating policy management systems and the resulting improvements.


V12. Cultural Benefits in Policy Management Systems

Importance of implementing strong policy management systems and, in doing so, improving employees' morale.


V13. Role of People in the Process of Policy Development

Where people fit in developing policies and procedures.


V14. Risks of Using Less Developed Policy Management Systems

Potential consequences of not using refined policy management systems.


V15. Role of IT in Policy Management Systems

Involvement of IT in policy management system development.


V16. Interaction of Different Departments in Policy Management Systems

The relationship between different departments such as legal, compliance, and IT in policy management systems.


V17. Differences in Policy Management Systems Between Industries

Various industries and the differences in policy management system development and implementation.


V18. Policy Management in the Financial Services Industry

Policy management and application in the industry of financial services.


V19. Policy Management in the Healthcare Industry

Policy management and application in the industry of healthcare.


V20. Policy Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Policy management and application in the industry of manufacturing.


V21. Weighing the Risks of Individual Distribution of Policy Information

Finding the balance between the benefit of distributing policy information on an individual level and the risk of this information being accessed on personal devices.


V22. Policy Management in the Education Industry

Policy management and application in the industry of education, specifically higher education.


V23. Policy Management in the Government Sector

Policy management and application in the government sector.


V24. Policy Management in the Retail Industry

Policy management and application in the industry of retail.


V25. Summary of Policy Management

Top three take-aways on policy management.