Guide – GRC Metrics & Measurement

Guide – GRC Metrics & Measurement
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The GRC Metrics & Measurement Guide is designed primarily for risk, compliance and audit executives who want to measure the performance of GRC capabilities in their organization. It includes measurement concepts, strategies and appendices of candidate metrics.

Too many GRC programs measure and report on their activity rather than their effectiveness. This updated version of the OCEG Metrics & Measurement Guide helps GRC leaders bring their programs in-line with strategic business goals to create success. The Guide is designed for use by risk, compliance and audit executives, and it will help directors and other senior executives charged with governance responsibilities to get a clear view of the information they need.

The Guide walks you through establishing a GRC measurement strategy, selecting relevant indicators, implementing the strategy and addressing challenges. You can also use the Guide to make the business case for improvement in your GRC measurement program, including the acquisition of technology that enables you to gather, visualize and analyze your GRC information. The Guide describes:

  • Sound practices for measuring and reporting program performance,
  • Key metrics that should be considered in evaluating program performance,
  • A plan for putting a measurement program in place, and
  • Other useful resources that will support these efforts.