Fastpath is a GRC solution provider which delivers a new breed of intuitive automated access controls and SoD across a range of ERP and business systems. Fastpath Assure® delivers significant business value and brings a contextual understanding of access controls across an organization’s distributed and heterogenous business system environment.

Customers use Fastpath Assure to assess SoD and critical access, provide audit trails on key data in their application, and enable a single-source location to request and approve access requests in context of risk, ranking them based on access policies. The solution can grow and expand with the organization and adapt as the organization and its environments change. It can be easily implemented to meet single ERP SoD and access control requirements for organizations just beginning a GRC journey or implemented as the information and technology architecture core for automated SoD and access controls across a range of ERP and business systems. Fastpath started in 2004 and has grown to over 1,100 customers across 30+ countries.

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