CFO at the Center (Critical Conversations eBook Series)

CFO at the Center (Critical Conversations eBook Series)
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In this installment of the Critical Conversations series, we describe the conversations a Chief Finance Officer must have with enterprise executives to successfully participate in the development and implementation of an governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) capability that drives Principled Performance.

In today’s global and increasingly digital business world, a broad spectrum of economic, political, social, legal, technology and regulatory changes are continually taking us to a new level of strategic and tactical complexity and creating commensurate pressures on business performance. We continue to see exponential growth of conflicting and overlapping requirements that organizations must satisfy, and these become even greater as they expand global operations. The nature of risk presented by these developments has changed, and so must the role played by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as he or she strives to ensure the success of the organization.

Published On 09/30/2017