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October 2018

Identifying Beneficial Owners - The Key to Effective AML Control

October 4

This webinar outlines the key steps in identifying beneficial owners and demonstrates how technology can help to cut through the morass with speed, safety and a uniform approach.Whether you are dealing with a bank customer, a supplier, or a purchaser of high end real estate and other luxury goods, getting behind the facade of business structures is key.
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GRC Bootcamp Deep Dive - Los Angeles - Oct 2018

October 8 - October 10

How do you get the cooperation and collaboration of others in your organization for your governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) efforts? How do you get them to listen to you and work with you? How do you break down silos in your organization that are a duplication of efforts? How do you position governance, risk management, and compliance as a value creator instead of a cost center? This GRC training bootcamp deep dive shows you how to do just that.
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Facing the Challenge of Operational Risk Management

October 18

In this webinar, we outline what a connected view of operational risk looks like and how having it benefits the organization.
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