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April 2018

Navigating a Change in GRC Technology

April 12

Implementing new GRC technology comes with many challenges and expected resistance. Maintaining strong project governance, establishing detailed plans and ensuring ongoing communication is key. In this webinar, we outline the critical steps in planning, navigating and steering the change process.
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GRC Professional – Yogyakarta, Indonesia – April 2018

April 16 - April 18

Pelatihan GRC ini menunjukkan bagaimana merancang dan mengimplementasikan kapabilitas GRC terintegrasi dalam sebuah organisasi.
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Integrated GRC as An Approach Of Money Laundering Prevention - Bali, Indonesia - April 2018

April 19

Pelatihan Integrated GRC ini dirancang khusus bagi para peserta yang bekerja di sektor finansial baik bank maupun non bank khususnya pekerjaan mereka yang terkait dengan penerapan program Anti Pencucian Uang dan Pencegahan Pendanaan Terorisme (APU & PPT) seperti yang diamanatkan dalam POJK No. 12/POJK.01/2017, UU No 8 Tahun 2010, dan UU No 9 Tahun 2013.
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May 2018

Successfully Integrating GRC Capabilities – GRC Professional - New York, NY – May 2018

May 7 - May 9

Learn a framework and language to successfully integrate GRC at your organization and get buy-in from management; break down silos; and, reduce duplication and complexity.
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