The Surprising State of GRC Reporting Recording

The Surprising State of GRC Reporting Recording
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Join us for a session in which we present recent OCEG research on the current state of GRC reporting.

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For any report to be meaningful, it must answer questions that matter to the report recipients. In today's rapidly changing environment, business leaders want to know that they are on track to achieve their objectives. When they see that processes are in place to manage uncertainty and ensure integrity throughout the operations of the business, they gain the confidence needed to take competitive risks.

GRC reports must demonstrate that objectives and operations are protected and supported by the GRC capabilities. This starts with strong data governance and demands an ability to identify and analyze what is really happening.

In our recent research, OCEG looked at the current state of GRC reporting and the findings were surprising in some ways and expected in others.

Join us for a lively discussion of the survey results and what they mean for organizations in a highly competitive environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current state of GRC reporting, what drives strengths and weaknesses, and how data governance maturity matters
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in GRC reporting in a time of exponential change for business operations and products
  • Evaluate data management needs and technology trends that support success


Lee Dittmar, President and CEO, Business Solutions, Inc.

Scott Bridgen, Senior Strategy Director, OneTrust

Carole Switzer, Co-Founder and President, OCEG