The New Imperative for Energy and Utilities

The New Imperative for Energy and Utilities
Illustration filed in Operational Resilience

This Illustration outlines a step by step process for building operational resilience in energy and utility companies.

Energy companies are facing challenges like never before. As they strive to deliver critical energy products and services, they must optimize operations to deliver desired outcomes and protect their workforce in the face of adverse events. This demands development of operational resilience that includes streamlining supportive technologies to ensure operation even during unexpected threat events. Despite understanding this need, resilience in the energy industry is harder than ever.

Disconnected operational processes, fragmented capabilities, rising cyberthreats, tight budgets and stakeholder demands all contribute to greater challenges in maintaining resilience.

Understanding and mitigating the potential operational impact of each risk event and their cumulative or synergistic nature is key. This illustration offers a process that can be applied in any energy company.v