Refinitiv delivers comprehensive, timely, and trusted information, which is the backbone of effective risk, reputational and regulatory compliance management. Make reliable and informed financial crime and third-party risk mitigation decisions with our innovative suite of solutions built on:

Trusted Data: clean, complete, and reliable data, sources and partners using in-house researchers. Global coverage with strength in emerging markets

  • Advanced technology coupled with human intelligence
  • Integration: Data integrated with your systems, workflows and processes
  • Confidence that you know who you are doing business with.

The Refinitiv suite of screening and due diligence solutions includes:

World-Check Risk Intelligence blends quality data, human intelligence and innovative technology to drive analysis and insights. Accurate and reliable information and tools help our customers meet their due diligence screening requirements, including KYC and AML regulatory obligations, sanctions, PEP and watch-list screening, negative media screening, beneficial ownership screening, maritime vessel screening?. World-Check Risk Intelligence enables our customers to assess the risk of on-going business relationships and of customers at any point in time; avoid making funds available to customers who are in breach of or subject to sanctions; monitor customer-related news coverage to identify reputational and regulatory risk; and mitigate the risk of doing business with third-parties.

Enhanced Due Diligence provides greater insight into counterparty identity with detailed reports to review new and existing customers and third parties to help safeguard your reputation and comply with your regulatory obligations. Deep risk intelligence that helps you identify potential business and reputational threats within your customers and third-party associates. Support profitable growth by heling manage dynamic demand and complete due diligence checks in new markets and opportunities and mitigate personal liability for senior directors

Qual-ID delivers a powerful combination of digital identity verification, identity proofing, and World-Check Risk Intelligence to boost agility, promote efficiency and deliver a better client experience whilst also reducing fraud. With one API, you can verify identity against trusted sources, proof legal documents, and screen for regulatory and financial risk, and allow counterparties without a previously established relationship to begin to engage in trusted transactions.

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