The increasing demands of the regulatory environment are forcing companies to become more efficient by optimizing their risk management and compliance processes and by controlling the costs of compliance. Those factors are driving the need for identification and implementation of the right governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology tool for supporting a framework that addresses process efficiency, improved data management, and reporting. And the success of a company’s GRC program requires proper deployment by:

  • Selecting the right technology
  • Implementing the selected tools
  • Maintaining a sustainable operating model

PwC’s GRC technology solutions help companies by performing an initial assessment of the tools and technology needed and then assisting with implementation of those tools that will facilitate GRC activities. We then help promote the consolidation, coordination, and reporting of the GRC activities throughout an organization. This includes:

  • Technology system selection, implementation, and configuration
  • Risk and compliance activity automation and integration
  • Technology-enabled monitoring and compliance activities
  • Risk and compliance technology roadmap development

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