Preparing for the Unexpected - Integrated Policy Management is Key

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Preparing for the Unexpected - Integrated Policy Management is Key
November 16
11:00 AM
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In this webinar, we demonstrate how an advanced policy management capability and system can save you from extreme negative impacts when risks suddenly change.

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As the events of the past 18 months have shown us, a sudden change in circumstances may present tremendous business challenges. When we found ourselves having to accommodate work-from-home requirements, quickly find alternative suppliers, curtail business travel, and provide safe environments for customers and on-site workers alike, the need for an integrated and automated approach to policy management became clear.

When risks change and new risks suddenly arise, time is of the essence. Failure to quickly redo assessments, identify needed changes in controls, and develop new policies that are communicated and applied, can exacerbate the impacts of the risks. This lack of preparation can lead to a tumbling cascade of loss and chaos.  

An advanced policy management capability supported by modern technology is an essential tool to ensure the agility needed to address sudden change. Join us for this webinar to learn how an integrated system can help you prepare and manage your business for everyday operations and sudden change. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Define how integrated, automated policy management operates step-by-step
  • Show how an advanced technology system helps to identify and react to change
  • Discuss the benefits of having an integrated policy manager architecture


  • Michael Vidoni, Director of Sales, Steele
  • Russell (Russ) Griggs, Product Manager, Steele
  • Carole Switzer, Co-Founder and President, OCEG