Manage Third-Party Risk with Visibility, Insight and Action

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Manage Third-Party Risk with Visibility, Insight and Action
December 17
11:00 AM
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Join us as we learn about emerging digital risks and discuss how to better evaluate, understand, and manage these risks.

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?As third-party ecosystems grow and become more complex as a result of digital transformation, so does the risk. In fact, third-party risk is not just one type of risk - it consists of security risk, access risk, compliance risk, resiliency risk, cyber risk, fraud risk and more. These new, related and evolving risks are driving the need for more effective risk management and efficient governance because traditional methods are not scalable for growing third-party ecosystems. Any one of these areas of third-party risk has the ability to disrupt the objectives of your organization.

During this session, we will address the following learning objectives:

  • Learn about emerging digital risks from using third-party business partners and technologies
  • Understand the importance and methods to better evaluate and understand the criticality of your third parties
  • Learn how you can take a unified, phased approach to managing these third-party risks


Patrick PotterRisk Strategist, RSA