Kudelski Security is an independent cybersecurity partner to large enterprise and public sector clients, delivering relevant, workable solutions to address their toughest security challenges.

We differentiate ourselves by the purposeful innovation at the heart of our corporate culture, which stems from our Kudelski Group heritage. Founded in 1951 with the launch of its NAGRA recording equipment, the Kudelski Group is renowned for ground-breaking innovations that have shaped the evolution of the digital television ecosystem.

Responding to shifts in global markets and technology, the Group has leveraged its engineering capabilities to become the market leader in media content security and public access solutions. Kudelski Security was founded as a logical extension to the Group’s expertise in digital asset security. With our legacy of technological experience and our strong client-oriented approach, our belief is that the company is uniquely positioned to deliver effective end-to-end cybersecurity for large organizations around the world.

Our global reach and cyber solutions focus is reinforced by key international partnerships. This includes alliances with the world’s leading security technology firms as well as with experts in specialized services, so clients have access to the tools, knowledge and talent to realize complete cybersecurity programs.

Kudelski Security has more than 350 employees, and locations in Switzerland, Spain and the United States.

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