Founded in 2007, Hiperos provides solutions that simplify the complexity of 3rd Party Management (3PM).

3rd Parties include providers, sub-contractors, channel partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, resellers, agents, or brokers who deliver a complex business function or service for a company.

Hiperos helps companies avoid a value shortfall and fully realize the benefits of using 3rd parties by providing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for managing the process complexities around 3rd party compliance, performance and risk. We understand that companies are responsible for their 3rd parties’ actions regardless of the situation, so our solution helps businesses minimize reputational risk, regulatory penalties and negative customer impact.

Our technology has been designed from the ground up to support processes and controls that ensure activities taking place outside a company’s four walls can be managed just as effectively as those being performed internally.

We have proven successes at some of the world’s leading companies, including Aetna, CA Technologies, Microsoft, State Street, TD Bank and United Technologies. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers as we continually innovate to meet their needs.