GRC Tech Talk Series

GRC Tech Talk Series
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Tech Talk provides discussions with top executives and experts about how technology can be applied to GRC.


Regulatory Monitoring and Intelligence

Regulatory compliance creates big risks: regulatory risk, reputational risk, and even personal risks. This is increasing the demand for regulatory intelligence. In the Tech Talk video interview “Regulatory Monitoring and Intelligence,” Andrew Neblett, SVP, Thomson Reuters, helps us understand the challenges and opportunities of regulatory intelligence in the 27 interview videos below.

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Applying Technology to GRC – The Big Picture

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) technology can provide big benefits to your organization. What can you expect and where do you start? Dan Zitting, VP of Product Management and Design at ACL Services, shares his perspectives in the 24 interview videos below.

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Big Data and GRC

Big data is transforming the world of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). In the Tech Talk video interview “Big Data and GRC,” Bruce McCauig, Director of Solution Marketing for SAP, shares thoughtful stories from his experience in the 17 interview videos below.

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Anti-Corruption and Technology

Huge anti-corruption fines. A focus on corporate conduct. Globalization. Each of these trends has put a lot of pressure on third party management programs. In the OCEG Tech Talk, “Anti-Corruption and Technology,” Ken Kurtz, Dennis Haist, and Tony Charles from STEELE CIS share insight and advice on managing anti-corruption in third party relationships.


Employee Education and Engagement and Technology

Employee education and communication about GRC priorities and policies is a fundamental element of the GRC capability. In the OCEG Tech Talk, Jimmy Lin provides advice about how technology can improve your approach.


Policy Management and Technology

In this OCEG Tech Talk interview, “Policy Management and Technology,” Stephanie Jenkins explores the challenges, solutions, and steps, to get started with a Policy Management System.


Overview of Technology for GRC

What’s at the core of GRC technology? According to Joe DeVita, Partner & GRC Technology Leader, PwC, successful GRC technology must align, automate and integrate business processes. In this Tech Talk video interview “Overview of Technology for GRC,” Joe provides background and insights into GRC technology. He offers tips on how to get started. And if you’re looking for GRC technology benefits he offers a healthy list with many examples.

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