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November 2017

Critical Conversations - CFO at the Center

November 30

In this webinar, we address the role of the CFO at the center of planning for stronger GRC capabilities. We cover the conversations that a CFO should have with the board, executive team and each of the other core GRC roles in governance, compliance, risk, finance and more. Whether you are a CFO or hold a different GRC role, you will benefit from understanding the talking points and outcomes to be gained from greater team collaboration...
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December 2017

ISO 31000 vs COSO ERM - The Great Debate

December 5

In this session, global experts will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of two leading risk management frameworks covering everything from what’s good, what’s bad, what could/should be improved, how to “cherry pick” the best from both, which one is most likely to be favored by regulators globally, and much more. You might even learn a new framework or two!
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February 2018

5 Ways to Measure Maturity, Performance and ROI of Risk and Compliance Programs

February 1

Reliably achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity is the goal for most organizations today -- this is what OCEG calls Principled Performance...
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