Anti-Money Laundering Illustrated: An OCEG eBook

Anti-Money Laundering Illustrated: An OCEG eBook
eBook filed in Anti-Money Laundering

In this eBook, we have sought to provide the reader with an introduction to the components of a modern AML program and take a deeper dive into some of the newest challenges and advances.

We start with an Illustration outlining the “moving parts” of a well-structured AML program that must operate in concert. Additional illustrations and articles address topics including:

  • Conducting a business risk assessment for AML
  • The growth of cryptocurrencies and the added challenges they present
  • The stages of determining the depth and scope of due diligence that is appropriate for each customer
  • Key steps in identifying beneficial owners and technologies that can help
  • Managing SARs investigations
  • Recent innovations in AML technology
  • Building the AML audit trail

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