2017 OCEG GRC Metrics Survey Report

2017 OCEG GRC Metrics Survey Report
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This OCEG GRC Metrics Survey Report takes a look at how organizations of all types and sizes are measuring the effectiveness of their performance, risk management and compliance capabilities. We hope this survey report provides you with valuable insights to improve GRC strategy, processes, and architecture within your organization.

OCEG is the only organization that focuses on Principled Performance and integrating the governance,assurance and management of performance, risk, compliance and ethics (GRC). By integrating these areas, organizations simultaneously increase performance, address risk and reduced costs. As a non-profit that does not represent a specific profession, we are uniquely positioned to serve as a hub around which many professions can collaborate on solutions.

In the survey results, we find six key takeaways that illustrate the value of an integrated approach to GRC and the

consistency and confidence senior executives and business management have in the context of GRC. These core points illustrate how GRC integration helps to standardize the measures used across silos, which in turn provides a common framework for comparisons and increased visibility into measures of performance, risk management and

compliance across the organization. Further, efficiency that comes from an integrated program (e.g., leveraging a common assessment or analysis instead of doing three separate ones) increases participation and buy-in from the business, which results in higher quality metrics.

This Survey has been sponsored by RSA, an OCEG Star Supporter and GRC Solutions Council member.