In an increasingly disruptive world, GRC has emerged as a powerful tool for organizations to not only ensure compliance with a growing range of regulations, but to also make faster, risk-informed decisions that drive superior business performance. Technology can be a strong catalyst in this endeavor, empowering companies with timely risk intelligence, while also fostering a pervasive culture of good governance, risk awareness, and compliance across the enterprise.


MetricStream empowers companies with the GRC apps, solutions, platform, and content needed to anticipate and manage risks, improve compliance, strengthen governance, and enable data-driven decision-making. Our vision is to make GRC simple and pervasive, while also delivering the leading GRC cloud.

Using our apps and solutions, GRC professionals across the world are able to build better integrated, efficient GRC processes that provide their organizations’ executives and employees the risk and compliance intelligence needed to drive exceptional business performance.

We make GRC simple by delivering pre-integrated apps and content on a common platform, a highly intuitive user interface, easy navigation tools, and the ability to personalize, as well as configure and extend the apps and platform to meet evolving business requirements. MetricStream apps cut across organizational silos, bringing together GRC information and intelligence in a single system of record, thereby making it easy to manage and monitor GRC programs. Additional abilities to streamline and automate GRC workflows, eliminate process redundancies, and strengthen cross-functional collaboration all enable better simplicity in GRC.


MetricStream apps and solutions power the GRC efforts of organizations across the world, ranging from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, to mid-market and small and medium scale businesses, as well as government agencies and international organizations. Our apps are used across multiple industries, including Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, and Food and Beverages.

MetricStream’s technological innovations include a next-generation GRC platform – M7, GRC mobile apps, GRC cloud, and big data analytics. Our company is consistently rated a market leader in GRC by leading analyst firms, and has earned multiple awards and recognitions for product innovation and customer success.


With M7, MetricStream breaks new ground to deliver a fourth-generation GRC platform that enables companies to preserve their integrity, protect their brand, and drive exceptional business performance through GRC that is simple, pervasive, and delivered in the cloud. The platform is an underlying structure that unites our apps, providing an integrated and highly scalable GRC architecture for our customers.

M7 offers:

  • A user experience that is intuitive, engaging, and personalized
  • Configurability, delivering GRC how you need it
  • Mobility and layering that brings GRC to where you are
  • Reporting and analytics for better insights and better decisions
  • Architecture that is faster, leaner, and ready for the future

MetricStream Apps


To support the ongoing success of the GRC community, MetricStream provides content from its GRCIntelligence® portal (, as well as industry leading partners such as UCF, Dow Jones, Shared Assessments, and thriving industry and customer communities such as and MetricStream Special Interest Groups (mSIGs). Together, these forums deliver rich content to over one million audit, risk, and compliance professionals worldwide seeking to improve their work productivity, and grow professionally.


The MetricStream GRC Journey® program helps customers build a step-by-step blueprint for their GRC programs based on the best practices and insights from our most successful customer journeys. Implementing phased, integrated GRC initiatives takes thoughtful planning, and requires participation from the right set of sponsors and stakeholders. The GRC Journey® program accelerates time-to-value, and ensures success.


Every year, the MetricStream GRC Summits, held in the US and London, provide a comprehensive forum for business and government leaders from across the world to meet, learn, and share GRC best practices, challenges, trends, and success stories.


MetricStream’s annual GRC Journey Awards celebrate and recognize individuals, customers, and partners who are leading their organization’s GRC Journey, championing GRC programs, and achieving superior business performance through GRC.

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